Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What the puppet is made from.

Easy parts to make
The whole puppet is made from a brown fur that I have to hand dye to darkern.
The body is made up of a 1/2" foam 5 peice pattern.
The legs are made of 1/2" foam with a metal wire running through the legs to the feet so they can be put in different positions.
Arms are 2 peice foam covered in fur.
Eyes are 18mm beads, painted and covered in grey felt.
Ears are yellow felt covered in pva glue allowed to dry then using dye to colour.

Hard parts to make
Head is made from foam, which is then glued onto my mechanism to operate the mouth. This is basically a 20mm plastic tube, the mouth plate is made from 2mm aluminium plate which is operated by a lever further down the body. Instead of a spring to close the mouth I have used fishing pole elastic and all this is located in the small head section. The lever is operated within the body. the head and mech is only attached to the body by the sewing in the head.

Please note that i have tried and tested the ring pull mech and found it to break under high pressure or friction against the metal parts, my mechanism is made from aluminium sheet, steel trigger mech, metal bolts. the design of the mechanism is 80% of the build.

The hands and nose were made from resin. I made the hands 1st from car body filler then made a mould and cast them before painting.

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